Ideas & Solutions

PCB specification for press-fit technology

Production of printed circuit boards that meet the requirements of press-fit technology is extremely important for a good press-fit connection…. Read more

Hybrid Multilayer PCBs

Base materials made from PTFE (Teflon) are being used in larger and larger volumes. The reason for it is based… Read more

New Base Materials for High-Speed Digital and RF Applications

A low dielectric constant enables the use of (ultra) thin base materials for fast clocking speeds and increased packaging densities… Read more

Test coupons for the measurement of wave impedance

As it is known, the measurement of wave impedance of printed circuit boards (PCB) can be executed either directly on… Read more

The effect of etch factor on printed wiring characteristic impedance

As logic switching speeds continue to increase, signal integrity becomes increasingly important. The signal paths have to be treated as… Read more

Multilayer PCBs with special dielectric constant

Sometimes you need to have a special dielectric constant of PCB material, but it should be not expensive. For multilayer… Read more

Rigid – flexible Multilayer Boards

Rigid-flex multilayer boards are known since more than 25 years, yet have not been able to penetrate the commercial market… Read more

SMD Assembley Equipment

Have you consided to establish your own through-hole assembly or (and) SMD assembly at your own production? We can offer… Read more

More Then “Just Copper-Foil”

We want to draw attention of our customers at the possibility of using different copper foil modifications, manufactured by the… Read more

The plated through Hole Calculation

A clear understanding of the anatomy of a plated through hole (please see the picture below) is necessary in order… Read more