Quality Control and Assurance
We offer professional Quality Control and Quality Assurance Services
  • Professional Printed Circuit Boards Inspection Services:

    • From Sample orders to Serial Production Volume;
    • In-Process Inspection;
    • Random(AQM) or 100% Pre-shipment Inspection;
    • Flexible inspection Plans;
  • Customized solutions for specific inspection requirements;

  • Logistic of rejected/returned PCB;

  • Professional Labeling and Packing according to customer requirements;

  • Temporary storage and stock management;

  • Consolidation and Optimization of international Shipments;

  • Factory Audit;

  • On demand we can organize reliable and independent testing of PCB;

  • In-house and sub-contracted testing according to specific Customer Requirements;

  • Testing by local certified laboratories (IPC, GSG, RoHS etc.)

List of our lab equipment
  • Digital Microscope

  • Digital Calliper

  • Depth Gauge

  • Thickness Gauge

  • Pin gauges

  • Multimeter

  • Vacuum packing Machine

  • Skin packing Packing Machine

  • Label Printer

  • 1200DPI scanner (up to A4), 600DPI (up to A3)

  • Soldering DIP testing machine for Solder Test Coupons

  • Bow&Twist testing table

Subcontracted Services
  • Coil Resistance and Induction test

  • X-Ray of PCB/PCBA

  • Measurements of various PCB parameters (Finish, Solder Mask, Copper Plating etc)

QC Table Example