Ideas & Solutions
More than “Just copper foil”
We want to draw your attention at the possibility of using different copper foil modifications and thicknesses in your multilayer printed circuit boards, which are: ultra thin copper foil TCU (3-9 mkm), heavy foil (70-210 mkm), laser drillable foil (LD foil), as well as thin film resistor foil (TCR), planar capacitor foil (TCC).
The use of ultra thin copper foil will allow you the PCB factory to make very narrow traces, especially on the outer layers of PCB.
On the other hand, possibility to use such thick layers of copper as 70 mkm, 140 mkm, and up to 210 mkm, in the inner layers of printed circuit build-up, will allow you to manage the high currents in your power supply network, and/or to manage the heat dissipation from the critical components. Note the min trace width and spacing rules for different copper foil thickness. It is also important to choose the right prepregs and to use the special technology which will allow to fill the gaps between traces and around the holes with needed amount of resin.
Please contact our engineers to choose the appropriate PCB build-up with correct copper thicknesses and proper trace/space rules for each layer.